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Latest review, selected photos, from satisfied customers:

“Looking for a painter? Look no further. Daniel Larsen recently painted almost the entire interior of our home, and we would highly recommend him!”

Here are our top 10 reasons we know you’ll be happy you went with him:

  1. We knew our satisfaction was his highest priority. He even offered to start over on a bathroom when we became unsure of a color WE had chosen (we skipped painting samples on the wall – bad idea), and he put absolutely no pressure on us to stay the course. After seeing his relief when we decided we wanted to stick with the color, we realized it would not have been a trivial request to start over. He truly wanted to ensure we were happy with the end product.
  2. He is meticulous and doesn’t miss a single detail.
  3. He listened to what we wanted and was a great sounding board for discussing colors and accent walls. He never imposed his opinions on our decisions, and he brought our vision (not his vision) to life.
  4. He gave us great insight into paint brands, finishes, etc, and he always ensured our concerns or questions were resolved.
  5. Integrity. He stuck to his bid and even decreased the amount due because a room didn’t need as many coats as anticipated. We were so pleased with his work that we happily paid the full amount anyway.
  6. He is responsive and professional.
  7. He is a super friendly, courteous, and respectful. He understands having work done in your home is disruptive, and he goes to great lengths to ensure he accommodates your needs.
  8. We asked him to meet a very aggressive schedule, and he worked VERY hard to ensure he finished on time.
  9. He thoroughly prepped each area to ensure only the walls and ceilings got paint on them!
  10. He can jam on the guitar and loves good coffee and wine. Is this a good reason to select a painter? No. I only learned these things about Daniel because of his great                 interpersonal skills, and great interpersonal skills are definitely important when your job is to help people personalize their home.

– Matt and April Rollins, Lafayette CO.


“Daniel Larsen is a highly qualified professional painter that I wld recommend for any painting project in your home. His meticulous attention to detail is way beyond your expectations of excellence. His steady hand can paint edges and corners like magic! Daniel’s vast experience with different paint types, colors and contrasts allow him to provide design advice you will appreciate. Daniel painted our new living room and bay window with difficult angles, high ceilings and contrasting red and tan colors – now our house looks like a designer home. With workmanship and customer satisfaction as his highest priorities, Daniel Larsen’s Quality Painting will ensure that you are left with the beautiful home or room you have always dreamed of.”

– Shary W., Louisville, Colorado