Why Daniel?

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“I chose Daniel over the other five painters I interviewed because during the process of his estimate Daniel taught me the most about the art and science of painting. Our new home was a remodeled 1880s Victorian with open beaming, vaulted ceilings and several unusual transitions between rooms where structural walls had been opened up and consequently acquired new headers. Daniel’s suggestions as to how we could use color not only to demarcate spaces but to provide a sense of flow and continuity between them made our home not only look better but feel better.” –Tim R., Boulder

When you or anyone else walks into your home, the quality of the paint job is the single largest factor as to what defines your first impression. Daniel Larsen has 30 years experience as a professional painter specializing in quality interior and exterior painting, and his meticulous attention to detail is part of what makes the difference between a house and a home.
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“Daniel Larsen is a highly qualified professional painter that I would recommend for any painting project in your home. His meticulous attention to detail is way beyond your expectations of excellence. His steady hand can paint edges and corners like magic! Daniel’s vast experience with different paint types, colors and contrasts allow him to provide design advice you will appreciate. Daniel painted our new living room and bay window with difficult angles, high ceilings and contrasting red and tan colors–now our house looks like a designer home. With workmanship and customer satisfaction as his highest priorities, Daniel Larsen’s Quality Painting will ensure that you are left with the beautiful home or room you have always dreamed of. ” –Shary W., Louisville

To help you in choosing a professional painting contractor, here are some helpful tips. These are just a few of the items that Daniel would ordinarily discuss with you as part of his preparing an estimate.